Our firm understands that success is based on open and honest communication between all the stakeholders involved in a particular initiative.  Strong, capable leadership can bring disparate viewpoints to consensus and can manage complex business relationships, while still keeping a focus on delivering on time and on budget.

The experience and expertise of our Brennan Consulting Group team spans several niches.

Government and Large Company – We understand the unique constraints placed on these entities.   Our team members have conducted business with and have held pivotal positions within local utilities and government entities. This experience has provided us with a keen understanding of the inner workings of these types of organizations.

Small to Medium Size Private Sector Firms – We take pride in the fact that during the course of our engagements we work very hard at becoming a partner with you, so that at the end of the day you feel we have helped you achieve something important and worthwhile.  We prefer to work behind the scenes to help you, as a leader, improve your organization.

Startup and Early-Stage Enterprises – Our team can provide “just right” level of services to these types of enterprises.  The principals at BCG have a great deal of experience working with entrepreneurs, and understand the challenges they face.

In addition, because we are an independent group, we are vendor and product neutral, and can bring clear, unbiased objectivity to engagements that involve third parties and vendors.